Jan 8, 2013
Prince Alwaleed Heads Al Resalah Channel Supreme Advisory Committee Meeting

AlResalah Channel, Chaired by HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, headed the Al Resalah Channel Supreme Advisory Committee meeting that was held on Sunday 6th January 2013 at the offices of Prince Alwaleed in Riyadh. AlResalah’s General Manager is Dr. Tariq Alsuwaidan.

The agenda of discussions focused on evaluating the channel and reviewing its achievements during 2012. The committee discussed future strategic plans to develop existing projects and programs and the upcoming Ramadan programs. In addition, the committee addressed the positive role of the channel and its impact to viewers in terms of content, programs and activities.

The Members of  the Supreme Advisory Committee of Al Resalah channel include:

  • Sheikh Abdullah Sulaiman Al Manee'a, Advisor, Royal Court and Senior Ulama Board and Ifta Member
  • Dr. Tariq Alsuwaidan, General Manager of AlResalah Channel
  • Dr. Abdullah Naseef, President of World Muslim Congress and President of Forum For Social Studies (FFSS)
  • Dr. Hamed Al Refaie, Secretary General of the Muslim World Congress and President of the International Islamic Forum for Dialogue
  • Dr. Abdullah Al Meslih, Commission of Scientific Signs of Qur'an and Sunnah
  • Sheikh Dr. Ali Al Nashwan, Religious Advisor to HRH Prince Alwaleed
  • Dr. Walid Arab Hashem, Vice Chairman of AlResalah Channel and Member of Al-Shura council
  • Dr. Abdulaziz Al Askar, Former Head of Media Department at Al Imam Bin Muhamed University

In 2012, AlResalah Channel received an Excellence Award by the Forum For Social Studies (FFSS). The event was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef’s residence. The Award was received by Dr. Walid Arab Hashem. Moreover, the award was presented to AlResalah Channel for its pioneering endeavors and accessible to a worldwide audience; resourceful in the dissemination of Islamic awareness and knowledge; manifestation of a balanced approach and attainment of the appreciation of the society.

AlResalah channel was launched officially in 2006. The channel aims at strengthening human values, as well as providing Arab families with intellectual and educational programs aimed at increasing social, religious and development aspects with creative and easy-to-follow programs while keeping a professional approach. AlRisalah also relies on creative methods to create diversified programs away from the stereotypes and repetitiveness while reaching the largest possible segment of viewers all over the Arab world.

AlRisalah channel message variety of programs which include: talk shows, women's programs, scientific programs, documentaries, economic programs, religious programs, prayer broadcasting , field reports, charity programs, competitions, and other intellectual and educational programs.