Jul 27, 2016
The gender gap against women & my personal take on it

To all Saudi ladies in the Private Office (PO), Alwaleed Philanthropies (AP), Kingdom Holding (KHC) & all their affiliates & subsidiaries, here's a message to You based on Fareed Zakaria's CNN program (GPS) on the gender gap against women

The Video:
The gender gap against women is a worldwide syndrome & not just unique to our region. Now You know why I'm always adamant & insisting on maintaining the following strict, principled and exceptional quotas that guarantee & secure very high level positions ONLY to Saudi ladies in all the entities associated with me:

1) 100%, I repeat, 100% not even 99%, of the Alwaleed Philanthropies members (we never use the word employees) are not only ladies but are (also by quota) Saudi ladies. They manage the distribution of my $32 billion philanthropical pledge to humanity. The total members of the AP are ONLY 10 Saudi ladies.

2) Around 75% of all senior positions at the PO (Palace, Resort, Desert, etc...) are controlled by very able Saudi ladies.

3) 53% of ALL positions at KHC are held by Saudi ladies. There is one other lady, a Non-Saudi, who is a junior secretary.

4) Kingdom Holding, the Private Office & the Alwaleed Philanthropies are unique incubators, facilitators & enablers for the best, highest quality & most respectable Saudi ladies in our nation. I have sponsored the training and development of the first ever Saudi lady pilot which was historic by Saudi standards to the extent that our first ever Saudi lady pilot made it on the magazine cover of "The Greatest 100 Ladies in Aviation History" with a full page write up! KHC, PO & AP are honored to be associated with many able Saudi ladies whose work covers almost ALL areas of expertise that, supposedly, were to be exclusively with in the domain of Saudi men. No more! No society can ever advance when 50% of its population are idle or not fully assimilated and incorporated in the society! Read these three pages!

My first flight with the 100% Saudi Crew that includes Capt. Hanadi

From the book: 100 greatest women in aviation
What we have accomplished in our entities in Saudi Arabia on the equality front is unique & we're very proud of this great achievement that's unmatched anywhere else in the world. It refutes the argument that our region can't advance the cause of women. We can & we did advance the cause of women not only in theory but in practice.

The Islamic world & the Arab world should not be viewed through a negative prism as we have a lot more to offer than what's been currently perceived about us in the world because of certain acts that don't represent our values.