Dec 8, 2014
Prince Alwaleed Awards Kingdom Equestrian Team for their 62nd Local & International Accomplishments


HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz AlSaud, received recently the Kingdom Equestrian team which is owned by HRH, at his resort in Riyadh. The delegation consisted of Mr. Najib Al-Nasser, Kingdom’s Equestrian team coach, Abdulaziz Duweish, Kingdom Jockey, Saleh Al Kathiri, Kingdom Jockey, Mohammed Al-Kathiri, Kingdom Jockey, Ya’kub Al-Anzi, Kingdom Jockey,    Ahmed Suleiman, Kingdom Jockey,  Khulud Mukhtar, Kingdom Jockey and Ayah Rafee, Kingdom Jockey. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Fahad Bin Saad Bin Nafel, Executive Assistant to HRH the Chairman and Mr. Mohammed Alkheraigi, Assistant Media Manager, Corporate Communications Department.

Prince Alwaleed met with the Kingdom Equestrian team and discussed the latest updates and its achievements which reached 62 locally and internationally. The Prince stressed the need to support sports and the athletes as well as the development of clubs in Saudi Arabia and to encourage the young generation to hone its athletic skills and invest their time in useful activities. As a form of encouragement, Prince Alwaleed awarded the Kingdom Equestrian Team members and players as the team achieved accomplishments in Equestrian championships locally and internationally.

Prince Alwaleed, continues to support athletes in Saudi Arabia and in particular equestrianism, which has received considerable funding from His Highness, who has been keen for the past decade.

Kingdom Team’s series of achievements include: Recently achieving 1st place in the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Festival for endurance race held in Al-Ula Province. Also, achieving 1st Place in Crown prince  Arabian Horse Festival for endurance race held in Alras. Early this year, the Kingdom finished 1st place in the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Arabian Horse Festival for the 120 km endurance race distance held in Riyadh. The 1st place position was achieved by international jockey Mr. Abdulaziz Aldweesh. In addition, the horse “Anwar Almamlakah” was awarded the Best Horse title in the Championship. In 2013, Kingdom Equestrian team qualified to the Equestrian World Cup through international jockey Mr. Abdulhakim AlGhufaily during the 7th Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival that was in Abu Dhabi. The Kingdom team participated in the 240 km distance race. Mr. Abdulhakeem AlGhufaily won 1st place in the 100km International Endurance Challenge held in Kuwait, Mr. Sulaiman AlMohaimidi won 1st place in the 100km International Endurance Challenge held in Kuwait in 2012, under the patronage of Sheikh Talal AlMohamed Alsabah, Ms. Ayah Khalil winning two stars from the International Federation of endurance races in Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan endurance championship for women. Ms. Maha Jafri and Mr. Abdulhakeem AlGhufaily winning the silver medal in Wadi Rum International Equestrian endurance. Mr. Homood AlShamari winning 1st place in the Crown Prince Endurance Challenge Cup, held in Onaizah in 2011. Mr. AlShamari has won 1st place in the Khalidiya Equestrian Endurance Challenge Cup, in 2011 and Mr. Abdulrahman AlHawas came in 2nd place. Mr. AlShamari winning 1st place and Mr. AlHawas coming in 2nd in the Equestrian Endurance Challenge Cup held in Onaizah in 2010. Also, Ms. Latifa AlSheikh winning 1st place in HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan 90km Women’s Endurance Championship held in Abu Dhabi in 2010, she also won 2nd place in the Women’s Endurance Championship held in 2009 Dubai, Mr. Alhawas earned the number one position in the challenge winning the Al Khalediah Prince Khaled‘s Cup Endurance Challenge 2009.

In 2008, Kingdom Team won the Alwafa’ International Championship Cup held in Damascus, Syria. The Saudi Show Jumping Jockey Mr. Khaled Aleid earned the highest points in the final Arab League qualifying for the World Cup Championship. In 2008, Mr. Aldahami achieved 1st place in the Qatar International Championship Cup held in Doha, Qatar. In 2008, Saudi Show Jumping Jockey Mr. Ramzi Aldahami Kingdom team member won first place in the King of Bahrain Championship qualifying for the world championship finals. Mr. Aldahami achieved 2nd place in the opening round and 3rd place for the smaller award during the International Abu Dhabi Championship that qualified him to the world cup championship held in 2008. In 2007, Kingdom Equestrian Team won the 2007 Bahrain Endurance Championship. The team had won 1st, 3rd and 4th place during the race which was organized by The Equestrian Royal Federation for Endurance Races, under the patronage of HH Nasser Bin Hamad AlKhalifa. The team participated in the 120km race, 60 jockeys from around the world participated in the race. In 2007, Kingdom Equestrian team won the First Crown Prince Endurance cup in Saudi Arabia. In 2007, the team also won the King Abdullah Endurance Cup 2007 which took place in Alras town in Gassim province in north of Riyadh. In 2007, they won the King Abdulaziz Endurance cup that took place in Hail and in November 2006, the team also won the Saudi Federation Cup.