May 24, 2017
The combined value of HRH Prince Alwlaeed’s & 21st Century Fox’s stake in Rotana is $1.1bn. Prince Alwaleed’s personal as well as KHC’s investment in Twitter is $1bn.

Rotana Media Services partners with Twitter
Rotana Media Service’s entertainment, music, movie and sports video highlights will become available on Twitter, allowing viewers to follow the action and conversations around their favorite concerts, talk shows and entertainment series.

This represents a significant step in a Twitter partnership program where publishers and brands team up to deliver premium content to fans. The partnership allows viewers, both across the region and globally, to view Rotana Media’s video content directly from their Twitter feeds instantly.

The video highlights will be showcased from Rotana’s Twitter accounts and will be shared to a wider targeted audience in the form of promoted tweets, in collaboration with brands who will take the role of a sponsor. These tweets contain advertisements in the form of videos from the brands, whether live videos or pre-recorded, which automatically appear prior to the videos. Viewers consequently access the best entertainment, music, movie and sports content in video, as the action unfolds.

This partnership is a unique way for brands to extend their sponsorships on Twitter, by distributing their content along premium videos and promote it to a highly engaged audience. Brand advertisers get an integrated cross-platform tool for reaching the social conversation wherever it happens. On the advertising aside, the social TV conversation with real-time sponsorships and in-tweet videos from Rotana is amplified as well.

The premium content available for sponsorship includes:

  • Record labels; artists’ video clips and album releases
  • Live concerts that will be streamed in high quality on Twitter and Periscope
  • Live programs from societal and humanitarian shows such as Ya Hala to football shows such as Koora
  • Ramadan series; Shabab al bomb which presents new talent


Nezar Nagro, President of Rotana Media Services, says in a statement, “Twitter is the undisputed real-time marketing tool in the world of social media. It is an inclusive platform where consumers make their voices heard every second of the day, and as such is hard for brands to ignore. Therefore this strategic alliance between Rotana and Twitter will be essential to effective, targeted social media advertising in the MENA region. Rotana’s overall goals and objectives should drive the best use of Twitter including building on a larger future scope of live content. The challenge will be to make sure that the right goals are aligned with an appropriate use of Twitter in relation to the true nature of the platform and the audience.”

Kinda Ibrahim, director of media partnerships, MENA at Twitter adds: “We’re excited to have Rotana join as a leading partner in the MENA region to our in-stream video sponsorship program and are looking forward to welcoming brands on board to associate their products and services with such engaging content, in a targeted and timely way.”