Jan 13, 2014
Prince Alwaleed Supports the National Retirees Association

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, donated SR140,000 to the Saudi National Retirees Association.

In 2012, Prince Alwaleed received at his office in Riyadh a delegation from the Saudi National Retirees Association. The delegation was headed by Retired Lieutenant General HE Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed Hinaidi Chairman of the National Retirees Association.

The meeting began as Lieutenant General Mr. Hinaidi thanked HRH for giving him the opportunity to meet with him. Furthermore, Mr. Hinaidi thanked HRH for his generous donations to associations in Saudi Arabia in general and specifically for their association.

He said that these donations have made a significant difference in the quality and magnitude of the services they provide. In addition, HRH donated SR100,000 to the association. Moreover, Prince Alwaleed stressed the importance of supporting non-profit organizations inciting it as a duty in Islam.

The meeting concluded as Mr. Hinaidi thanked Prince Alwaleed for his donations to the National Retirees Association. In response, Prince Alwaleed promised to continue his support to the organization and wished its member success.