Sep 17, 2011
HRH Travel Records and Testimonials Made Public

The private office of HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud released today detailed, comprehensive records providing clear and unmistakable proof that HRH Prince Alwaleed was not in Spain in August of 2008 and had no connection whatsoever with alleged events to which he has been erroneously linked in recent press reports. The documents released today add a compelling body of documentation and level of detail to back up the statement previously released.

"Having just learned of these allegations through press reports we are moving swiftly to prove that His Royal Highness was not in Spain. As the records show, he was in France in multiple public places with many friends and business associates and was accompanied by French security officers all who can confirm his presence. Moreover, His Royal Highness was surrounded by his family including his wife HH Princess Ameerah, his daughter HRH Princess Reem and his granddaughter Princess Sara," said Ms. Heba Fatani, Sr. Executive Manager, Corporate Communications, Kingdom Holding Company. "While the Prince is a committed advocate for Women and has empathy for any assault victim, he was simply not present and we ask the media to carefully review these documents and take action to correct reports that inaccurately link the Prince to these alleged events." Affirming and adding to information released in the previous statement: "HRH Prince Alwaleed could not possibly have been involved in the alleged events because he was not in Ibiza during 2008 and has not visited Ibiza for more than a decade."

HRH Prince Alwaleed`s yacht "Kingdom 5-KR" was not in Spanish waters in 2008, as confirmed by the yacht navigation logs. In addition, HRH has never chartered a yacht by the name of "Turama", as press reports falsely alledged, and as could be reconfirmed by examination of the Turama`s charter logs. The requirements for chartering a yacht include the recording of the name, address and agent of the person leasing it. Even the number and names of that person`s guests, as well as those who are allowed to board the yacht, generally need to be recorded.

As travel records confirm, Prince Alwaleed and his family do not routinely spend their summer vacations in Spanish waters as erroneously reported. Due to his public profile, HRH Prince Alwaleed`s private office department of Travel and Protocol has for decades maintained meticulous and detailed records of his daily schedule, meeting attendees, travel itineraries, events and delegation movements which are regularly filmed and photographed. As such, His Royal Highness will respond forcefully to all false allegations with precise facts and detailed documentation. The following attachments provide undeniable proof that HRH Prince Alwaleed was not in Spain during the relevant period August 2008 and are described as follows:

Attachment 1: Schedules of HRH Prince Alwaleed`s activities during August 7-13, 2008: The attached schedules detail a structured arrangement of each day during the period August 7-13, 2008 while HRH Prince Alwaleed, his family and large delegation visited Cannes, France. The schedule reflects the orderly manner in which HRH Prince Alwaleed has conducted his life for decades. During the period August 7-12, 2008, the records show that the usual practice of HRH Prince Alwaleed, in the company of many witnesses, was to visit the Restaurant Le Voilier (usually at 7:30 PM), exercise and walk in public places, visit the Carlton Terrace Caf� at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel (usually at 1 AM), enjoy a large communal dinner at 4 AM with his family and entourage, and adhere to Islamic religious practices by praying at designated times of the day. On August 13th, His Royal Highness in the company of family and a large delegation took an excursion to St. Tropez as many witnesses will attest and photos will document.

Attachment 2: Statement of Joaquim Silva, Manager of JS Security Company: Mr. Joaquim Silva, company executive and personal bodyguard confirmed the presence of HRH Prince Alwaleed in France from August 6-28, 2008 and certified that at no time during that period did the Prince leave France.

Attachment 3: Passport Stamps of HRH Prince Alwaleed: Stamps in the passport of HRH Prince Alwaleed show his arrival on August 6, 2008, to Nice International Airport and his departure from Le Bourget Airport on August 28, 2008, with no record of HRH Prince Alwaleed leaving France by land, sea or air.

Attachment 4: Statement of Carlton Intercontinental Hotel Management: Mr. Eric Aceto, Hotel Manager, confirms the presence of HRH Prince Alwaleed, his wife Princess Ameerah, and the accompanying delegation in the restaurant and terrace of the Carlton Hotel every day from August 7-16, from 1:00 am to 2:00 am, with the exception of August 13th when the delegation was on an excursion to St. Tropez.

Attachment 5: Statement of Restaurant Le Voilier Management: Mr. Michel Partenet, Chief Manager, Restaurant Le Voilier in Cannes states that HRH Prince Alwaleed was in the Le Voilier daily from August 7-12, from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

Attachment 6: Statement of Captain of Kingdom 5-KR yacht and yacht logs: Captain Peter Evans of Kingdom 5-KR confirms that Kingdom 5-KR did not leave French waters in the South of France during the visit of HRH Prince Alwaleed from the 6 to 16, August 2008. Captain Evans also confirms the presence of HRH Prince Alwaleed during the entire time period on board his yacht, Kingdom 5-KR, as confirmed by the yacht`s log.

Attachment 7: Statement of Michel Ledouble, Driver for Tri-Star Driver Michel Ledouble, confirms he acted as Driver for HRH Prince Alwaleed in Cannes and St. Tropez from 6th to 16th August, 2008 and can further verify the itinerary in Attachment 1.

Records Proving HRH Not in Spain in August 2008